• Interviewer: when you die, how do you want to go?
  • KatieJane Garside: I want absolution, to dissolve. I want to become sky and ocean. That's how I want to go.

Queen Adreena - “My Silent Undoing” (BBC Radio version) [Rare] (par 3rdAltChannel)

Frisson incontrôlable, incontrôlé… Intensité, pureté, … C’est KatieJane, une artiste hors pair, la seule et l’unique… Sans commentaire! 

Queena Adreena talk about their obsessive fans

it’s a fox it’s a bird it’s a snake it’s a word
i heard it crawl from my veins
your name
it’s your name
it’s your name
i learn how to dance with the dog